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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sexy Girl 9 Creative Design, Retouch and Editing Photo

Sexy Girl 9  provide you with the best skill of design and editing photo. We will max the quality of your photo.
What we can do?
A. Refine / Retouch
1. Retouch your face, clean acne,make it more skinny
2. Skinny your body
3. Make you brightly

B. Artistic
1. Change your background
2. Make defferent taste like dramatic or clouds
3. Higher the dimension

Get this serve in this promotion time (till April 2012) by 1$/photo for Retouch (A) and 2$/photo for Artistic (B)
How to use this service?
Just send your picture to my email
You may share your Idea in the message
We will send you back a paypal bill

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